Our customers require a uniform brand image that is coordinated nationally and Europe-wide.
In cooperation with our customers, we develop measures for the implementation of brands in space. For this purpose we deal with the values of the brand core and define approaches via mood boards. In cooperation with manufacturers, we control design processes and advise on the development of a product line. The focus is on efficiency in effect, calculation and feasibility.

In addition to the development of a product line, we advise on its implementation into existing branch networks. In addition, we compile inventories and develop results for brand-compatible planning in existing building structure. We present design proposals as visualisation or advise customers on the integration of regional approaches in workshops. Finally, we work with our customers to develop comprehensible order placements and organise and coordinate the structural implementation.

In addition to brand design, we also take care of brand maintenance. We achieve best acceptance and satisfaction by bundling professional competence. Until now, our so-called ā€˛Refresh-Service” has included activities in the areas of cleaning, assembly, electrics and safety:

Cleaning of technical equipment, cleaning in inaccessible areas, special surface cleaning, etc. Repair, assembly or disassembly of showroom elements, temporary fixtures or other components such as floors, register cabinets, etc. Maintenance of technical end devices, inspection of the professional supply line, replacement of illuminants, ballasts, etc. Implementation and information regarding safety standards in public spaces and performance of audits for a brand-compatible appearance.